Buying perfumes - here's what you should look out for

by Carlos
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Buying perfumes - here's what you should look out for

Perfumes and fragrances are part of our society, and it is impossible to imagine it without them. Precious fragrances were already popular in the advanced civilizations of antiquity. Especially the nobility and rich social classes could afford perfumes. For the common people, even simple cleaning products were often precious and there was hardly enough money left over to live on, let alone stock up on perfumes.

Thanks to globalization, the market economy and technological progress, the prices of perfumes have continued to fall.

Today, social classes can afford a perfume that would have been reserved for royalty just a few centuries ago. However, one should also bear in mind that the price limit is open at the top. Moreover, the price drivers today are no longer rare resources, but usually deliberately limited production. A particularly hip designer of perfumes brings out a special series that comprises only a few bottles. Of course, when supply is scarce and demand is high, the price rises immeasurably. But anyone who can boast about such a fragrance at a party is sure to have admiring faces. But collectors of perfumes are also attracted by such "limited editions".

But how do you find the right perfume? If you already have a favourite fragrance, you can make it easy and just buy another bottle. But this is also the most boring way to approach it. In any case, you should try something new from time to time. A decisive factor is the skin. If you tend to have dry skin, then different perfumes are suitable than if you have oily skin.

Go to a shop that allows you to try many fragrances. Listen to your instinct. If it smells good, you are on the right track. However, if you don't like the scent, then you'd better leave the perfume alone. However, if you do not have a particularly strong sense of smell, then you need to seek advice. This can be a close friend who has a good nose or an expert salesperson. Smell tests have their limits, however. If you try too many scents in quick succession, your sense of smell will get tired and confused. You can then no longer be sure whether the scent smells like this on its own or only with the perfumes tested shortly before.

It is especially difficult if you want to buy the fragrance for a friend. What you like, she may find repulsive. So, before you buy an unsuitable gift in the worst case, our tip: a voucher for a perfume is just as good. Then your girlfriend can choose the fragrance she likes.