Create a digital floor plan - Here's what you should look out for

by Carlos
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Create a digital floor plan - Here's what you should look out for

The world is digital, and that will not change. In the construction industry in particular, however, many floor plans are still available in paper form. For conversions or renovations, however, these should be digitized so that future planning no longer has to be based on paper. The market offers many software-based alternatives for creating a digital floor plan yourself.

These are the advantages of service providers for digital floor plans

If you cannot draw an appropriate floor plan yourself, you should seek professional help to have a floor plan created. The use cases for this service are many. On the one hand, such a service is useful for digitizing plans that still exist on paper, for example, to be able to better plan renovations. It is also useful for the renovation of old buildings or destroyed buildings to use the plan in digital form instead of paper form.

Changes to the floor plan, such as the insertion of partition walls, are much more convenient on the computer than with pen and paper. Calculations for materials, such as wall paint, wallpaper or ceiling panels can be automated and do not have to be done manually. Additional advantages of the digital form include ease of duplication and collaboration among distributed teams. Copying a digital plan is usually just a matter of a few mouse clicks. And for those who want to work in distributed teams, such as architectural firms in the days of Corona from the home office based on the same blueprints, this can be easily achieved with the appropriate digital tools if the floor plan is available in digital form.

Here is what you should look for when choosing a provider to digitize floor plans

A digital floor plan is the foundation for new construction and remodelling. Sloppiness here carries the risk of mistakes being made when construction work is carried out later. Eliminating these errors is significantly more costly than working cleanly and correctly in the planning phase. Therefore, make sure you find a digitization provider with years of experience in this field. Also, don't pay attention to every euro because what you save here, you will spend several times in case of bad work and problems in the later implementation. Creating a digital floor plan goes beyond simple software operation and requires subject expertise.

Make sure the digitized floor plan is delivered in a software format that conforms to a widely used standard in the construction industry. Nothing is more annoying than having to convert the format first. This always carries the risk of losing information in the conversion process. A good provider will also give you expert advice and address your questions.