Finding the right system house - What you need to pay attention to

by Carlos
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Finding the right system house - What you need to pay attention to

Advertisement - Not only since Covid-19 it has become more and more a necessity to be present in the digital world. I can remember myself doing an internship in a medium-sized company in the late 1990s. There was an external specialist, a sole trader, who set up the Internet. But he was obviously overwhelmed. Not because of a lack of competence (as far as I could judge, he had absolute knowledge of what he was doing), but because he could not support all his customers in a timely manner when problems arose.

Today the damage caused by the failure of digital technology is even greater: website, communication, order processing. If the worm is in here, the damage quickly runs into the millions.

The solution is the IT system house. Here the customer gets professional help in various areas of the IT world.

If you are looking for a system house in Berlin, for example, you will quickly find a confusing selection of many service providers. One company that has its finger on the pulse of time and offers support when entering the digital world or expanding it is Dacher-Systems GmbH.

On the basis this example one can also list, what constitutes a good IT system house. Often it is not obvious to the layman at first glance what the cause of a problem is when the IT goes on strike. You think you have identified the fault in the software. But the software manufacturer plays dumb and blames the problem on wrong or faulty hardware. A call to the hardware manufacturer repeats the problem, but with reverse logic. It is a vicious circle that is difficult to get out of. The IT system house has competence in both areas and can, without lengthy disputes over competence, locate and correct the error.

A good system house also helps to set up the entire IT landscape. Knowledge of various industries helps to design and implement targeted solutions. A good IT system house also helps with the maintenance and subsequent expansion of the IT landscape before problems arise due to performance bottlenecks or outdated software.

An IT system house also offers useful software. Either in own development or as a partner of professional manufacturers. In doing so, one is introduced to software solutions that one is not necessarily familiar with from the daily press. Be it Notes2conf (which helps to integrate videoconferencing solutions into Lotus Notes) or SkyNavPro (a navigation software for pilots), there are many little helpers that can do business operations even more efficient.

An important point, which is often not recognized as a user, but which usually generates even more effort than the actual software development is the migration. One believes to be able to use a good software solution quickly. But the migration of legacy data must be well planned and implemented in time, otherwise valuable information is lost.

This and much more makes a good IT system house. It is best to ask your business partners which IT partner they work with successfully. Then make an appointment with one that is on the short list for you. Because a good gut feeling is usually just as important as a good reputation.