Fitness trainer in times of Corona

by Carlos
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Fitness trainer in times of Corona

In times of Corona it is difficult for companies and self-employed persons to survive, especially if the added value consists in providing a service. Fitness trainers and related professions, such as yoga teachers, can no longer get in touch with their customers personally. The relationship is also disrupted from the customer's perspective. After all, many training relationships consist precisely of the teacher responding to the needs of his student and motivating him.

But necessity is the mother of invention and so a few ideas have emerged on how to compensate for the problems caused by the government's corona measures.

Video conferences and video streams for training sessions

Videoconferencing is useful when the teacher wants to get in touch with his students and evaluate their progress. In martial arts or yoga, for example, the execution can be checked and corrected by instructions. This is possible as one-to-one or group lessons. In one-to-one lessons the benefit for the respective student is greatest, as the teacher can concentrate fully on the student.

Video streams are a good way to stay in touch. Especially as free streams via YouTube for example, potential customers can be reached. Since many had to stay at home anyway because of the lockdowns, the customer potential was enormous. The main focus is on income from advertising or the recruitment of future customers from the catchment area.

A good tool for coordinating appointments is Lotus Notes, now known as HCL Notes. Lotus Notes is particularly suitable for smaller companies, but individual entrepreneurs also benefit from its range of functions. The strong integration of calendar and e-mail functionality helps to keep the overview, especially with many customers. By a third-party plug-in, different video conferencing systems can be well integrated, which makes working with many customers and appointments much easier, as the administration effort is drastically reduced.

Trainings outdoors

Especially the restrictions on outdoor contact were quickly lifted. This makes it possible to simply shift the sport outdoors. Yoga, gymnastics and weight training benefit. In strength training it is possible to achieve the same results by using your own body weight as in training with weights and machines. You just have to know how to do it. Endurance sport always works as long as you keep enough distance. Running trainers therefore have a distinct advantage over gyms that rely on customers training in their own facilities. But many fitness studios also offer yoga and training without machines. In times of crisis, the market rewards those who react flexibly with customers.

All-clear after Corona?

As it looks, our society has already gotten used to the restrictions. Even if these have been reduced to 80 %, the next "danger" will come. Measures, such as a lockdown, will then be easier to implement, either because the legal situation will have been adjusted by then or because the population will no longer have so much resistance. Therefore, fitness coaches also have the following to say: Better to reckon with and prepare than to be caught off guard by a future lockdown.