Fullfillment Service - what's behind it?

by Carlos
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Fullfillment Service - what's behind it?

The market is becoming more and more global, and that is a good thing. The range and choice of goods is becoming more diverse than we could have dreamed of a hundred years ago. Manufacturers used to produce mostly only regionally, often perhaps even nationally. But only the big producers actually produced and exported for the foreign market as well. Now, however, medium-sized and small companies are also producing in the remotest parts of the world. I recently read about a knife manufacturer (I think from Austria) who exports his knives as far as Japan. But he is only a sole trader. Another one, from Germany, sells edible mushrooms all over the world. Also, a sole trader.

But how can a small or even medium-sized company optimally set up its shipping and handle the associated tasks?

The magic word is fulfilment service.

A fulfilment service is a service that can help get one's product from the manufacturer to the consumer and take care of all the associated tasks. Here you should focus on providers from your country. So if you manufacture in Switzerland, Fulfilment Switzerland is the perfect choice.

The fulfilment service takes on many tasks that the producer would hardly be able to handle himself or would only be able to do with his staff.

Typical tasks of a fulfilment service are:

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Order management
  • Shipping
  • Payment control
  • Collection
  • Hotline
  • and much more

Service providers often offer flexible contracts. All-inclusive contracts are particularly attractive. The producer can thus delegate all tasks associated with supplying the customer. Of course, the service provider does not do this for free. But according to the rules of the market economy, this service is cheaper than if the producer were to take over the tasks himself.

What one should pay attention to before signing up with a fulfilment service provider are the terms of the contract. The offer should be flexible so that the producer only pays for what he uses. In many industries there are peak times and times when sales are stagnant. A contract should take this into account. It should also always be clear what the scope of the service is. Especially in the case of providers who cannot offer everything from a single source, the producer can thus switch to additional fulfilment service providers or take care of the tasks in-house.

When looking for a good provider of fulfilment services in Switzerland, you should ask around in the industry. Word gets around about good providers, and satisfied customers are the best reference. Black sheep are also quickly identified when former customers report on their negative experiences. You should be sceptical about reviews on the internet. Both positive and negative reviews can be bought meanwhile and do not have to correspond to the truth.