Impact of Covid-19 on the film industry

by Carlos
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Impact of Covid-19 on the film industry

Everyone is talking about the pandemic. Because of the lockdown, businesses are closing, small businesses are going bankrupt. But life has become more unpleasant even for those who are not economically affected. No more social gatherings, bars and restaurants remain closed.

The lockdown also has an impact on the artist scene. The film industry in particular now has to shoot films and series with delays.

Shooting dates are usually very tightly calculated. Delays and breakdowns cost so much money that the realization of the film can often fail. Even if the pity for many people is limited, as many actors and producers are not exactly the poorest people in this crisis, a lot of jobs are attached to it, which also can destroy the existence of many individuals by their loss: Extras, cameramen, assistants, yes, even the doughnut vendor who supplies the film set with sweets and coffee. These could slide into poverty.

But actors are human beings too, and for all the spitefulness some people feel towards the rich and beautiful, they are just as affected by the corona virus as the common man.

Let us take as an example Lina Prior, the daughter of the well-known radio journalist Mabelle Prior, who became famous especially in the USA through her work as an actress. She became widely known in Switzerland through performances at the Théâtre Beausobre. She also appeared in London.

Good news for her fans: Lina Prior is well and is using the time to prepare for her future career. Once the pandemic is over, her fans can look forward to further performances by her.

You can find more and especially up-to-date information about Lina Prior in the social media:

Facebook appearance of Lina Prior:

Instagram performance by Lina Prior:

But if you look at the whole corona crisis objectively, the effects are very extensive at first sight, but compared to natural disasters and wars, there is practically no destruction. Therefore, the interventions and consequences are dramatic at first, but the film industry will recover just as quickly.

Sure, the one or other favorite series will be delayed a little bit. Maybe there will also be some cuts in individual seasons. Film and series fans may remember that about ten years ago, actors went on strike for more money, which is why some seasons were released in shortened form. This was the case with almost all series produced in the USA at that time. Since this time it is a worldwide phenomenon, the effects will not be limited to one country only.