Lawyers - required or waste of money?

by Carlos
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Lawyers - required or waste of money?

Advertisement - Lawyers have a bad image. Especially in movies and series they are characterized as greedy and greasy types who profit from other people's misfortune. Only rich people can afford a good lawyer and thus buy justice with their money.

But I think this view is absolutely wrong. Lawyers help to keep the overview in an almost inscrutable tangle of laws and regulations. They are, if at all, a consequence of the complicated system, but by no means to blame for it. We as citizens regularly elect our representatives, who eventually pass laws that are becoming increasingly impenetrable. This is an apparent attempt to achieve justice, but the opposite is often the case: if you want justice, you need a lawyer. But as just mentioned: it is not the lawyer's fault that divorce law, family law, inheritance law, company law and the many other fields of law have become so complicated. On the contrary: the lawyer helps to ensure that the individual has the greatest possible chance of justice despite the complexity.

But how do you find the right lawyer?

This is not intended to be legal advice, I am a layman myself. For this very reason, I informed myself about the possibilities of finding a lawyer in Austria because of a current case. Thereby I came across the portal advolist. There you can search specifically for lawyers. The filter can be limited by federal state and specialty. So it is possible to find the right lawyer nearby.

This is important. A local lawyer is usually better than one further away. Is often the regional knowledge of special regulations within a federal state important.

But even more important is the area of law. No lawyer knows the law comprehensively. Due to the amount of regulations, paragraphs and court decisions, lawyers and law firms have to specialize strongly. They usually have basic knowledge of general law. But special knowledge is a basic requirement for competent legal advice. And let's face it, you wouldn't have a bricklayer repairing a car just because both are crafts, would you?

An evaluation function helps clients to find lawyers with a good reputation. On the other hand, it also motivates the lawyers to provide good service.

But the portal also offers opportunities for lawyers. There is the possibility to become a partner. This enables a lawyer to find clients and, if necessary, to develop new clientele in Austria.

Advolist is a portal, as it has already proven itself in many other areas on the Internet. No matter if it is handicraft services, goods or acquaintances. It supports the efficiency of the market and brings together suppliers and demanders of legal services, which is of great benefit to both sides.