Learning a musical instrument - what to consider

by Carlos
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Learning a musical instrument - what to consider

The lockdown has given many people extra free time. And it looks like lockdowns will continue to be part of our everyday lives, at least in the near future. Anyone who was not already one of those who could do rather little with people and could easily keep themselves occupied within their four walls before the lockdowns will now at the latest be thinking about how they could fill the long winter evenings without Christmas markets, Christmas dinners and visits to relatives.

One possibility is to learn a musical instrument. But what do you have to consider? We explain!

Finding an instrument to play

For beginners, I recommend choosing an instrument that requires little investment and ideally takes up little space. A simple flute (recorder) or a stringed instrument are conceivable. Recently, the ukulele has become quite a popular musical instrument. Instruments that are not particularly suitable for beginners include the piano. The prices are easily in the five-digit range, the transport is cumbersome, and the space required is not without its problems.

Once you have decided on a ukulele, for example, you should not blindly buy the first model that comes along. A ukulele consultation is obligatory! This can be done online via an information website, by a friend or in a local music shop.

Learning a musical instrument at a music school

The most convenient way to learn an instrument is to do so in a music school. You can usually find a music school near you. As long as it is not an exotic instrument, the choice is huge.

Especially as a beginner, it is not particularly important to find the best teacher. He doesn't have to be able to play perfectly, just better than you. If you are an advanced musician at some point, it will be difficult to find teachers from whom you can still learn a lot.

More important than musical ability in a music teacher is a good didactic approach. He or she must be able to teach the material in such a way that the student gets the most out of the practice time.

Learning a musical instrument autodidactically

A music school is not suitable for everyone. Unfavourable working hours or the ambition to make it on one's own can be possible reasons to try it without a music school. However, you should be aware that the discipline and motivation in this case must come from yourself. And no music teacher can directly correct mistakes and give tips.

However, there are enough online courses and books to help you get the most out of your time. A possible strategy can also be to first attend a music school and, after building a stable foundation, gradually work out the finer points yourself autodidactically.