Learning languages online - the example of Italki

by Carlos
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Learning languages online - the example of Italki

Advertisement - Learning languages today is easier than ever. Especially through computer support it has become an easy one. There are different providers. The easier way is to learn the language via app. Vocabulary and sentences are presented in clearly arranged morsels, which the student practises. He can then check the learning success with simple queries.

But few platforms go so far as to actually exploit the full potential of the technical possibilities. Because the best teacher of a language is still a human being. The Italki platform takes this step consistently.

I became aware of Italki through a test on the Internet. Italki's language concept relies on the support of human teachers. The prospective student can choose from many languages and within these, different teachers. The Italki platform sees itself mainly as a mediator between student and teacher. The procedure is as simple as it is ingenious: choose a language, choose a teacher and make an appointment for the lesson online. The lessons are then held via video chat. Italki boasts that it has already helped five million students improve their language skills.

Italki's business idea is once again a showpiece, showing how digitalization enriches our lives. Instead of putting two people in physical contact "just" to talk to each other, audiovisual information is transported between them (which is the core of all language learning). Many people, especially in my environment, are still trapped in this old world, one has to meet physically to exchange information. But especially in the wake of the Corona crisis, I believe that providers like Italki will continue to grow.

But what about the prices at Italki?

These are individual for each teacher, but are within the usual range. In any case, they are cheaper than bringing a teacher to your home. An evaluation function of the teachers makes sure that teachers who, in the opinion of their students, do not perform well are quickly sorted out.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to get the most out of such a platform. First of all, the student should be clear which language he or she wants to learn and why. Simply learning such a language will lead to throwing in the towel quite soon. Because even the best teacher cannot replace one: The will and discipline of the student, which are indispensable for learning a language. Furthermore, the student should bring a regularity to his exercises. Therefore the teacher should be available as often as necessary. Taking a language lesson once a month will not bring progress. Another important thing is the country where the teacher lives. The time difference should be taken into account so that it fits into the daily routine for both teacher and student.

Italki, representative of the many online platforms for language learning, stands for an innovative and forward-looking way to improve your language skills.