Now is the time to renovate your house

by Carlos
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Now is the time to renovate your house

Advertisement - The corona crisis is changing people's behaviour. Instead of spending the good time at the quarry pond, in beer gardens or barbecuing with friends, many are sitting at home. For me, this is not at all inconvenient. I can still do my sport, as I mainly run and cycle.

On the contrary, I am even happy to get a few things in the house up to scratch, which I have been putting off for a long time, due to the loss of social obligations.

Since I live in an older house where some floor coverings from the 1970s are still laid (linoleum floors that have seen much better days), I looked around to see what kind of floor coverings are available. The Naturofloor system caught my eye. This is a joint less way of designing your floor. That was always a thorn in my side, especially with the linoleum tiles. You always clean and always get stuck at the edges when wet wiping. Each time you get stuck, you damage the tile more and more. Terrible.

However, if you use the mentioned floor covering from Naturofloor there are no edges to get stuck on. Also, no moisture or dirt can get stuck in the non-existent joints. An ingenious thing.

It is easy to use: it is a putty that can be personalized by adding various admixtures. This allows different structural and colour nuances, so that you can let off steam much more creatively than with prefabricated floor coverings. Once the compound has hardened, you will benefit from its robustness and ease of maintenance for years to come.

But there is still more work waiting for me. I only have wallpaper in a few rooms. I'm not unskilled in craftsmanship now, but wallpapering is one of the biggest wastes of time for me. I once took the trouble to fill the wall cleanly and get it smooth for the most part. That used to be a greater effort, but now I just repaint the walls. Anyone who has removed old wallpaper once knows that this is an effort that one dislikes doing twice. In addition, the joint less wall now matches my joint less floor covering from Naturofloor.

Accordingly, I have never wallpapered the ceiling. The effort involved is even greater than when papering the walls. Smooth out and in no time the ceiling is painted. I always pay attention to high quality paint. Because in the end you don't save a cent with cheap paint, but you waste valuable time because you have to paint more than once.

I'm sure there's still a lot of work to do, the lockdown will take a while. But this way I can at least use the free time sensibly.