Out into the fresh air - with fleece jackets for kids

by Carlos
3 Minuten
Out into the fresh air - with fleece jackets for kids

In times of the pandemic, it is mainly the children who suffer. Because of the contact restrictions, they are not allowed to see their friends or be active in the sports club. They spend most of their time at home in front of the PC or mobile phone. Those who have siblings are lucky. For only children, a day without playmates can become interminably long and boring. The parents are at the home office or at work.  For many parents, this is a big problem. They worry about the health of their children. According to surveys, more and more children are suffering from obesity due to the pandemic. The lack of exercise then shows up on the scales. But what can be done?

The answer is: get out into the fresh air! Exercise and fresh air are good for the immune system and well-being. Sunshine is important for the formation of vitamin D and lifts your spirits. No matter what the weather is like, with the right clothes every walk or excursion into the countryside is a wonderful experience. Outside, you may even meet friends in many places despite Corona to do sports together far or to go for a walk.

Spring may still be a long time coming, but as we all know, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. So put on your jacket and go out skateboarding or rollerblading. Fleece jackets for children are ideal here. They keep you warm, transport sweat to the outside and can be taken off quickly if it gets too warm. Fleece jackets are affordable for every budget and are available for girls and boys in great designs and all colours. With a hood, they are also suitable for lower temperatures. They wash well in the washing machine and dry quickly for the next outdoor use. If you want to pay attention to good quality here, you can go for common brands or search the internet for companies with organic and sustainable production. Here you can buy fleece jackets with a clear conscience that are also produced fairly. 

These jackets can also be supplemented with a rain jacket in colder weather. If it does rain, the little ones stay dry and can still have fun in the playground. In a pinch, they can even take shelter until the sun comes out again. If you choose exciting destinations such as streams, climbing rocks or game reserves, a bit of bad weather won't matter. Be sure to pack some money and a mask for everyone in case you want to buy something along the way. A few toys in the backpack, drinks and some fruit, and you're ready to go!