Painting work in Switzerland - you should pay attention to this!

by Carlos
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Painting work in Switzerland - you should pay attention to this!

Advertisement - Painting works are banal at first sight. Brush, paint, bring both together and then on the wall. But the reality looks very different. There are countless different colours. And by that I don't mean the shade and its nuances, but the type of paint.

Depending on the surface, you have to be careful to find the right type. If you do something wrong, the paint never dries or only after a long time. Or the paint flakes off after some time and the surface has to be sanded down completely. In the worst case, even the material of the surface could be attacked and dissolved and the wall has to be restored first, which can cause horrendous costs.

As you can see: It is much more than just applying a little paint to the wall. But what makes a good painter?

If you are looking for a good painter in Switzerland, you have to pay attention to a few things so that you are not disappointed in the end.

A first port of call is the Internet. Many evaluation portals of craftsmen vie for the favour of the searchers. Customers can express their satisfaction there, but also their displeasure if, contrary to expectations, the work has been of inferior quality.

Ask also in the circle of acquaintances, with which offerer these were content. But also, which painters did not completely fulfil the expectations of your acquaintances.

In any case it is a good idea to ask for references. Publicly accessible buildings of customers or a view from outside already give a first impression of the quality of the work done.

If you would like to have a wall painted, then let the painter advise you. Different wall colours have different applications. Especially the use indoors, outdoors or damp rooms determines the choice of the right wall paint. A good painter will be able to explain the differences and offer you the right colour.

Many service providers of painting and wall paint also offer a showroom. There you can see examples of designed walls. This is definitely more meaningful than a small sample card or the imprint on the paint bucket.

If you have larger jobs that go beyond painting, you can also ask the painter for recommendations regarding additional work to be done. For example, if you have something to wallpaper or plaster, the painter can help you.

As we can see, you can do the painting yourself, but you need to be thoroughly informed about the right colour. If you want to be on the safe side, look for a competent painter in Switzerland.