Professional car cleaning, polishing and care - this is how it works!

by Carlos
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Professional car cleaning, polishing and care - this is how it works!

Advertisement - Whether Switzerland, Germany or Austria - the car is as popular as ever. The fuss about CO2 emissions, fear of climate change and the diesel scandal have not damaged the attractiveness of the car. Strangely enough, even the corona crisis has contributed to the fact that public transport tends to be avoided fearing contagion, and driving a car is experiencing a renaissance, even among environmentally conscious people.

Anyone who drives a car should also take care to keep it in order. On the one hand, this includes regular after-sales service to maintain technical reliability and performance, but on the other hand, the appearance must also fit. The car is like a piece of clothing. If it is in bad condition, you send a negative signal to the outside and feel uncomfortable.

That's why professional cleaning and care of a car is just as important as keeping the technology in perfect condition.

If you are looking for professional vehicle care in Switzerland, you will quickly find it. But what should you pay attention to if you want to find the right provider? We enlighten!

If you don't attach great importance to your car and simply don't want to drive with a dirty one, take it to the car wash. This is especially worthwhile after the winter, as the road salt is washed off the winter. But those who own a high-quality car will give a wide berth to a car wash. The cleaning in a car wash is indeed thorough but not very gentle. Streaks and scratches in the paint are the result.

Therefore, a professional cleaning consists of manual work. Washing and polishing is done with gentle tools and techniques. But there is another advantage of manual work: only a professional can see where additional steps are necessary to polish out a deep scratch or to make a weathered paint look good again. To preserve the work done as long as possible, professional sealants are applied.

High-quality vehicles do not have steel rims, but visually attractive rims, usually made of aluminium. These must be cleaned of brake dust and can be sealed after cleaning like the rest of the car.

But not only the paintwork needs loving treatment, the interior also needs to be reworked with a sense of proportion. The wrong cleaning agent is used and the dashboard or leather seats are damaged. If impurities have already settled, then special measures are necessary to remove them, but still keep the surface undamaged.

Of course, the measures described here apply to any paint. So if you are thinking of cleaning motor homes, trucks, motorcycles or boats, you will be able to follow a similar strategy.