The Cupuacu Fruit - Exotic from the rainforest

by Carlos
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The Cupuacu Fruit - Exotic from the rainforest

Advertisement - Recently I came across an article that focused on the cupuacu fruit. This is a fruit that grows in the Amazon region. There it is not an insider tip, but as well known as apple and pear. But although I think I am quite well-read, I have actually never heard of it.

What it is all about and whether it is a miracle cure, I will discuss in the following.

Cupuacu is very sweet and can therefore be used in all kinds of desserts. Many meals in South America take advantage of this sweetness and therefore you can buy many dishes there that are based on Cupuacu or at least use it as an ingredient:

  • chocolate
  • Chocolates
  • Yoghurt
  • Beverages
  • Spreads

But there are also interesting application possibilities in addition:

  • skin and hair care products
  • sunscreen
  • Medicine (blood pressure reducers, cholesterol reducers)

So, we see that cupuacu can be used universally. Globalization is leading to combinations that were unknown several decades ago. For example, destilHERO, a producer of Wodka Cupuacu, has launched a combination that combines its vodka with the taste of Cupuacu and other exotic fruits.

What makes the fruit special, however, are the health effects as mentioned above. This is not surprising, plant foods, especially fruit and vegetables, are superior to all other foods. But even in the category fruit there are differences which lead to the fact that some varieties are preferable to others.

With the Cupuacu fruit, at least according to the literature, positive effects on the immune system were discovered. When used as a healing ointment, the antibacterial effect comes into play. Some sources speak of an invigorating effect, similar to caffeine, but apparently without the negative side effects of caffeine.

I suspect that the healing effect comes mainly from the high content of antioxidants. These bind free radicals in the human body and thus counteract negative effects.

However, you should not expect too much if you put all your hope in the cupuacu fruit without questioning your other lifestyle. So if you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, are overweight and base your other diet on animal foods, you should not expect miracles from cupuacu. But the fruit can be an introduction to a healthy life. Those who change their diet will soon no longer miss the earlier unhealthy foods at all and will have a lot of fun with fruit and vegetables. At the latest when he feels the positive effects on body and soul.