The woodworm - danger for property owners

by Carlos
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The woodworm - danger for property owners

Ad - The woodworm is a plague for homeowners. The pest does not stop at furniture. If one is affected, the question arises: What to do against woodworms in wood houses? There are numerous variants. Over the years, chemical and thermal processes have proven particularly effective. A combination of both methods is often used. This has the advantage of compensating for the disadvantages of the other methods and thus increasing the effectiveness. However, the circumstances, such as chemical exposure, precautions, etc. then become even more important. In any case, one should take care to become active as early as possible and, above all, to seek professional support. The handling of chemical toxins and thermal processes is associated with dangers and should not be implemented by yourself.

A fascinating variant offers the operator of Here, a special thermal process is used instead of chemical mace. Here, heat is not supplied from the outside, but the woodworms are heated directly by irradiation from a microwave. The advantages are obvious. Chemical agents mean that the house must be evacuated. In addition, there is an environmental impact because chemical poisons are never a good idea. Preparations and post-processing (sealing the property for example) take time and depending on the size of the property the effort is not inconsiderable. These problems do not occur with the microwave method. The conventional thermal method also causes problems. With thick wood the heat often does not reach the woodworm. This then often makes a combination with chemical agents necessary. Especially with sensitive wood, the heat supplied from the outside can lead to damage. Since only the woodworm (more precisely: the water contained in the woodworm) is heated by microwave radiation, there is practically no damage to the wood, since wood itself contains hardly any water and therefore hardly heats up at all.

The following video shows very well how the procedure works with microwaves.

So, what remains to be said in summary? There are several ways to fight the woodworm. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, there is the availability of funds. The use of microwaves is relatively new and an interesting way to avoid the disadvantages of chemical and thermal methods. Who is plagued by woodworm should give this method a chance if a nearby supplier offers it.

In any case, one should become active if the property has been infested by the woodworm. It will not disappear on its own, rather the problem is getting worse and worse. Other areas of the house will be attacked and damage will increase over time. So sitting out is definitely not an option.