Vacation in the Allgäu - That's why it's so beautiful there

by Carlos
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Vacation in the Allgäu - That's why it's so beautiful there

Holidays will probably fall flat for many recreation-seekers in 2021 as well. And those who still plan one will have to live with restrictions: Mask obligation, keeping distance, no mass events and much more. Holidays on the "Ballermann" will therefore be less possible, but there are holiday spots where you can enjoy your time carefree despite Corona and the measures are less of an issue. One idea is the holiday in the Allgäu.

But why is a holiday in the Allgäu so extraordinary? We show a few things that will also convince you.

Where is the Allgäu located?

First, where can you find the Allgäu? The Allgäu is a region in the south of Germany. It is characterized by cultural and linguistic peculiarities. Parts of the Allgäu are located in Baden-Württemberg, another part in Bavaria. Part of the Allgäu Alps is even Austrian territory. As is so often the case with regions with their own cultural areas, the boundaries are fluid and have softened over the centuries due to trade and migration, and the borders are interpreted slightly differently depending on how they are defined.

Beautiful nature

An important feature, especially for vacationers, is the beautiful nature and landscape characterized by the Alpine foothills. Gentle hills, which towards the south merge into the majestic peaks of the Alps, make up this area. To the west, the Allgäu is bordered by Lake Constance, which offers many tourist opportunities. The area close to the Alps invites hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Several million guests per year appreciate this.

Sights in the Allgäu

One of the most famous buildings in the Allgäu is Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is considered a tourist magnet, attracting tourists from all over the world. About one million visitors are counted per year. But also the castle Hohenschwangau is worth a visit. Many cities and towns with their medieval town centres offer the historically interested tourist insights into the life and work of past times.

Sports activities in the Allgäu

The beautiful nature invites to extensive hikes and bike tours. Depending on the length and route profile, there can be leisurely walks and excursions on the bike or challenging undertakings lasting several days with countless meters of altitude to overcome. Also, the worldwide known Jakobsweg, not only popular with pilgrims, leads through the Allgäu.


Even if COVID-19 affects tourism and the vacation of many people, there are still enough possibilities to enjoy one's free time despite restrictive measures. The Allgäu is a good alternative to wandering off to distant countries and can be reached by car within a few hours for many Germans.