What is CBD oil?

by Carlos
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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil - what is it made of?

CBD oil is drops that are made based on hemp. However, the oil is not made from the leaves of the hemp plant, but mainly from the flowers of the female hemp plant, as the yield is the highest in this case.

The dried flowers can be passed through various extraction methods to extract the CBD oil. A distinction is made between extraction by heating, solvent, CO2 or oil and water filtration. All methods have advantages and disadvantages. Aspects that differ in the different methods are: Taste of the oil, residual foreign substances (mostly in the case of extraction by solvent) and effort/cost of the manufacturing process.

Is CBD oil legal?

If you want to buy CBD drops in Switzerland, you will surely ask yourself: is the purchase legal? Hemp, cannabis and smoking pot, wasn't there something? Don't worry, since 2011 the purchase of CBD is legal in Switzerland. CBD, unlike cannabis, does not have any significant levels of THC. THC is the psychoactive substance in cannabis, which is why cannabis falls under the Narcotics Act. If the proportion of THC is less than one percent, then one does not come into conflict with the law.

This is another reason why you should buy CBD oil from trustworthy suppliers and not fall for supposedly cheap (but possibly illegal) offers. 

What effect does CBD oil promise?

First, a piece of advice from me regarding all kinds of medicine, supplements and supposed miracle cures: If you don't have any problems, don't take any remedy to solve a problem you don't have. Only if you are actually suffering from symptoms and doctors have been unable to help you, it is worthwhile to specifically research other solutions to your problem. However, always seek professional help first!

The medical effect of CBD oil is not undisputed, reliable long-term studies do not exist to my knowledge. I would like to argue here neither pro nor contra CBD oil, but only reflect what I have found through my research on the Internet.

CBD oil is said to have a positive effect on the brain, heart, liver, intestines, skin, immune system, nervous system and bones. According to suppliers of CBD oil, no miracles are to be expected here, but the body's own forces can be positively supported. Individual studies show that anxiety could be reduced, as well as nausea and psychological problems.


CBD oil is not to be confused with cannabis. It is not a miracle cure and should rather be taken in addition to other measures. However, if you have already tried many things and have not experienced any improvement, you can give CBD oil a chance after consulting experts.