What you should consider when hiring a window cleaning service

by Carlos
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What you should consider when hiring a window cleaning service

Anyone who is an entrepreneur knows how important a clean impression is. If you are sloppy, you risk having a bad reputation with your customers. "If he's not even capable of having a clean company vehicle, what does it look like when I need help and have to contact the company?". Such and similar sayings are not uncommon.

Apart from a clean appearance of the employees, well-maintained vehicles and clean and tidy offices, it is above all the external appearance of the company headquarters that counts. It is not for nothing that companies spend a lot of money on representative buildings. Meanwhile, extensive glass facades adorn numerous buildings.

Those who let these windows deteriorate and do not have them cleaned regularly leave behind a negative image.

But what should you look for when hiring a window cleaner? We explain.

Basically, you should make sure that you hire a window cleaning company from the surrounding area. So, if your company is based in Winterthur, you should also look for window cleaning in Winterthur. However, the larger the area to be cleaned, the more irrelevant the travel costs become. An extreme example: If you only have 10 windows cleaned and pay CHF 100,- for the journey, you have to reckon with CHF 10,- pro rata journey costs per window. However, if there are 100 windows, then the proportional costs per window have been reduced by 90 percent.

Window cleaning should take place regularly, but it is especially worthwhile in spring or early summer: the burden of pollen decreases, so it is worth having the windows cleaned once. Also, the nice weather in summer makes it more likely that dirt will be detected compared to the short days in winter.

Many window cleaning providers offer long-term contracts. These are often cheaper than hiring them on a case-by-case basis. Take advantage of this when negotiating the contract and offer a contract that extends over a longer period. However, you should only make use of this after you have tested the provider extensively. Let them convince you whether the windows are cleaned to your satisfaction or whether the service is deficient.

Also stipulate that you, as the business owner, can determine the time of cleaning. If you have an important client in the house at the moment, you don't need a cleaning crew to occupy the meeting room and thus cause a nascent overseas business deal to fall through.

Since you are certainly not the only company with windows in the vicinity, you should ask business partners and customers which window cleaners they have had good experiences with. Internet reviews do not always have to correspond to the truth, so the focus should always be on personal recommendations from acquaintances.