What you should look out for when visiting a barbershop in Zurich

by Carlos
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What you should look out for when visiting a barbershop in Zurich

I can still remember when I started going to the hairdresser regularly 35 years ago. The salons I visited tended to cater to female clientele and men's hairstyles were cut together with women's hairstyles. I was never really satisfied, the hair was OK, but no matter who I went to, it was never flawless.

About 10 years ago, I started going to barbers. This is a men's barber who not only cuts hair, but also offers a beard shave and eyebrow plucking. Many also offer head massages.

And what can I say: Here, the experiences were exactly the opposite! No matter which barber I tried, the cut was always better than at all the other barbers I had visited before.

So what should you look for when choosing a barber shop in Zurich? Let's clarify.

A good barber also has a good reputation. So the best recommendation is the one you get through acquaintances, friends and work colleagues. If they are satisfied with their haircut and shave, then you can give the barbershop a chance.

Many barbers also have a website that gives more information. Are the prices reasonable? Are there photos of customers and their haircuts and shaves? Do the opening hours fit your lifestyle (shift work or only time for a barbershop visit on weekends)? These points also determine whether the respective hairdresser is the right one.

Reviews on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. Likes on Google Maps or positive reviews in social media can be bought for little money and therefore do not necessarily correspond to the truth. But with a little practice, you can tell whether a barber has been rated by real customers or not.

In the end, it's your own personal impression you get during a visit that counts. If you are actually afraid for your headdress, you can first "only" choose a shave and thus be convinced of the barber's skill and customer friendliness before actually having your hair cut by the barber in a later visit.

In any case, pay attention to the atmosphere. If you like the atmosphere and find it pleasant, then you should definitely stay for a haircut.

Another point that is becoming increasingly unimportant, but is still critical today: If you are afraid of contracting Corona yourself, make sure that the barbershop adheres to the appropriate hygiene measures. This should be a matter of course for any reputable barber, even if there is no pandemic.