YouTube subscribers - How to increase your reach

by Carlos
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YouTube subscribers - How to increase your reach

Ad - Earn money with YouTube. That is for many the dream of fast money. But especially with digital products the principle of the market economy strikes. Only a few at the top, who offer the best content, unite the majority of the viewers. A small percentage of viewers is divided among themselves by a huge army of YouTubers. There is hardly any income to be generated in the middle range.

In the past, you could make a lot of money with a randomly viral YouTube video, but today there are conditions that mean that you first have to reach certain minimum standards to make any money at all with your channel.

One requirement is to get at least 1000 subscribers for your channel. But what are the possibilities to increase your fan base to over 1000 members?

The first answer is the essence of good online marketing in general: Generate valuable content that gives users real added value. Instructions for technical equipment, product reviews or instructions for sports and fitness. Even a cat video brings added value to the viewer: The video delights him. You must know the needs of potential viewers.

The entertainment factor is also related to content. Reading out technical instructions may also provide information, but it is unlikely to attract subscribers. Get the information across pleasantly.

Regular video releases are also necessary to attract long-term subscribers. Because only if the potential subscriber can expect your YouTube channel to publish more videos in the future will he or she wants to be more closely associated with your channel and receive regular notifications of updates.

But to be monetized, not only the number of subscribers but also the views of your videos are crucial. As mentioned above: If your video brings well content, it will spread by itself. Another option often used by advertising companies is to address controversial topics. The public's attention is assured with such a video and you get practically free advertising in news portals.

Another possibility is to buy YouTube Views. For a small fee you can order views according to a certain pattern (country of origin, etc.). The ordering process is simple and can be done without any special knowledge. Whether the price is worth it, everyone should decide within the scope of his project. The private video of the birthday party will probably be less a candidate than a video about the presentation of a new innovative product.

So there are different strategies to expand your fan base. Which variants you use, be it the slow build-up of content or the fast way against payment, depends in the end on your goals.